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My name is Vivian Lou Stewart. Ever since I was a little girl, my family has always had a cat. My favorite was the Siamese we called Cat, who we had for 14 years. After Cat was Sasha, a Calico Tabby that was ours for over 6 years when we learned that our youngest granddaughter was allergic… Since then she is outgrowing it… so, we now have a Tabby named Emmie!

About-UsIn early 2012, my husband Dan was shown a line of outdoor deluxe cat furniture and structures being sold. After some online research, our interest was piqued by all the variety of indoor deluxe and luxury cat furniture.

With that idea, we approached our nephew Ray, a master cabinet maker in Northwest Arkansas. Using his experience, expert skills, knowledge of wood and keen eye for interior finishes, we organized Purrfectrends™ Cat Furniture!

These luxury cat furniture pieces are designed & handcrafted with a one of a kind quality in the Ozark region of the USA from Premium Sustainable Birch Plywood in an open contemporary style. The symmetrical shape has excellent eye appeal which fits purrfectly into any room without being overpowering.

The classic quality craftsmanship of Purrfectrends™ Cat Furniture presents a timeless, life-long esthetic.

Please enjoy your purchase,

-Vivian Stewart, Owner


Allen and Ray . . . Making It Happen

Allen and Ray . . . Making It Happen

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