Bandit the Cat & First Cat Tower Prototype

Vivian’s (owner/wife) sister and her husband bought a new retirement home in Sept of 2014 along with a 48” American Walnut Tower for their CAT Bandit. A real top view window watcher – didn’t take to the Bedding Box right off – one day Biscuit the dachshund entered the Bedding Box. Well . . . after sizing up what had just taken place . . . Bandit made a MAJOR decision and quickly moved the dog out . . . permanently!!! “My name is BANDIT and no Canine is going to STEAL anything from me.”

We presented Rose M. in Arkansas, our graphics lady, with a prototype to test with her Kitty – she writes: In August 26, 2012 the very first prototype Cat Tower by PurrfecTrendis is still in use. My kitty doesn’t care if the engineering pencil marks decorate the side, or that it is unfinished. She loves to sit and look out the window. I have caught her napping too ♥! Admittedly, she likes it by the window and uses it all the time. If you have kitties, I would recommend the extension versions that can accommodate levels for everyone. A piece of furniture just for the “Kids!”

Funny, funny . . . Rose was recently ill and coughing a lot. I told her, “Wouldn’t it be something if you were allergic to cats?” And, because she loves her kitties so much she said, “If I were, I wouldn’t tell anyone!”

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