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Dear Prospect, the following is from our first and most valuable boarding client!  


If you offer individual room suites . . . Purrfectrends™ Cat Condo Towers will be a very useful addition!


“We’ve been in business since November of 2006 . . . now with two locations, 3 floors, 19 Private Suites. Primarily each suite has one cat and Tower. We also have two rooms with 2 Towers.  We saw their ad in the fall issue of Modern Cat Magazine and after an exchange of emails we ordered 1 each of the Naturally Clear Finish 62” & 72” Towers.  They are exactly as pictured and what we were looking for.  We placed an order on 10-14-15 for 4 of the 48”, 4 of the 62” and 13 of the 72” Towers. (see pictures).  They arrived and we are well pleased.   We assembled them for photos & installed caster wheels on some, which makes them easy to move.  I have given PurrfecTrends™ permission to use us as a reference.”

Shawn – Cats in the City –

boarding mews picture 1


In March 2016 they ordered 3 additional  72” Towers.   After a medium sized remodel that added more Suites in October of 2016 they ordered 6 – 72” Towers without any Sisal on the Levels – makes them much easier to keep clean and means less bacteria.   PurrfecTrends can furnish with or without the Sisal. They expanded again – added more Suites!   On 2-14-17 . . . we received another order for 15 – 72” Naturally Clear Finish Towers less the Sisal for a total of 47 PurrfecTrends Cat Towers, as of 3-17!

For a complete list of features, see the FEATURES page at

We offer discounts on purchases of 3 or more Towers . . . you might think about some for retail sales to your boarding clients!

Continued success,

Dan Stewart







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