Cats Do The Darndest Things

We’ve observed cats that like the height of the Bedding Box, others evidently feel comfortable at mid levels while the climbers like the upper levels!!

The Bedding Box was two fold, it adds the most to the overall stability – plus we knew cats that would be hiding there. That was born from Vivian’s cat Sasha who would crawl in under the comforter on her bed to hide.

I’ve heard someone say “Kids Say The Darndest Things” – I say “Cats Do The Darndest Things” and they will view, lounge and nap anywhere they decide at the moment.

Well . . . as mentioned in another post about a lady, Carla B. in FL, contacting us about Cat Towers without any Sisal . . . she placed an order today for a 48” Ozark Autumn that doesn’t have any Sisal just finished wood. If the Tower is what she and her cats are happy with . . . she could be in the market for more !

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