Cats Territorial Issues & Purrfect Craftsmanship

Our customer Tom W. in CO bought a 72” American Walnut last year and emailed one day to say his boys are having territorial issues about the Bedding Box and could he buy another Bedding Box only. After it arrived he has since written to say . . . Many Thanks . . . “All is well”

A 72” PurrfecTrends Ozark Autumn Tower was delivered 1-8-15 to . . . Mary Q. in CA – Her email exclamation – “It’s Beautiful” – The kitties are still a wee bit suspect of it, but are starting to come around. As for pictures, once they are lounging, we’ll definitely send some. Which reminds me to charge my camera battery : ) Your craftsmanship is amazing. I seek out small businesses nowadays to buy as much as I can. I’m delighted to have found you (via Hauspanther). Have a wonderful day . . . Beth & Dean + 10 fat cats.

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