Customers…Cats Love ‘Em!

In November of 2012, we traded a prototype of one of our handcrafted cat towers for some graphic work from a lady named Rose who owns a graphic print shop in Arkansas. She is a cat lover extraordinaire and beyond, and the tower is still in use!



In September of 2013, we received an email from Amy in Michigan who was the Purchasing Analyst for a promotion company located in Detroit. She was inquiring about featuring our 48″ American Walnut PurrfecTrends Cat Tower in the Clorox® Fresh Step® online sweepstakes prize program for October. They had seen our website and liked the towers, plus it was made in the USA. She asked if we would give permission for them to use photos and wording for them to place in their nationwide program. I told them, “WOW, absolutely!”

The winner of this contest was Kim in St. Louis, MO! She was completely surprised and happy at winning and all were satisfied with their new designer cat furniture!


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