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My Cat Tower arrived today and I love it.  Can’t believe how easy the tower was to assemble.  It’s so clean and uncluttered.  Arrived in Purrfect condition.  All 3 cats have been in and out of the Beddy Box and on top of it.  I plan on ordering a taller one in the near future.  Thank you, Dan.   Will be destroying the old soiled carpeted ones immediately.  Vicki N. in MN


Received the 62” American Walnut Cat Tower . . . “I absolutely love it and so do the cats.  LOVE the design!  Very sturdy, stable, height is wonderful, clean lines, looks great!  Very Nice Finish.  Sisal inserts are excellent.”   Kate B. in AZ


The tower is SO NICE.  It’s gorgeous and so well made.  My Rain Bear is still hesitant, but she has gone in the cubby hole so that bodes well.  It takes her time with everything.  Thank you – I’ll recommend to my cat-finatic friends.  Kiki B. in LA, CA


Received our 72” Naturally Clear Tower – We are trying to make the lives of unwanted and overlooked adult cats as pleasant possible while they are waiting to be in a loving home.  Cat trees are an integral part of our small cattery that currently houses 31 adults.  We are tired of throwing away money on the carpeted trees that have a short life span and need constant cleaning and disinfecting.   Money better spent on food.  When we came across your Towers, despite their cost, we believe they will last much longer and are more visually attractive.  We are hoping to buy more as donations come in!   Ferals in Peril in NY, NY


We saw your ad in Modern Cat magazine and after an exchange of emails we ordered 1 each of the 62” & 72” and they are exactly as pictured and what we were looking for.  Placed an order on 10-14-15 for 4 of the 48”, 4 – 62” & 13 of the 72” Towers.  They have arrived and we are well pleased.  We assembled them for photos and installed caster wheels on some – easier to move.  We have been in business since November of 2006 . . . now with 2 locations, 3 floors, 19 rooms, 2 rooms have 2 Towers but primarily each room has one for a cat.  You may use us for a reference.  Cats in the City, Portland, OR Boarding Specialists –           Ordered 3 more Towers & 2 Beddy Boxes on 3-29-16

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Hello Dan, The Purrfect Tower is wonderful!  Thank you . . . Kate R. at Happy Tales Humane in TN

Dan, We have just assembled the Tower and placed it in our maternity room.  It is very attractive and will be put to loving care and use.  Great product, Thank you!  Shawn R. in PA – Women’s Humane Society America’s First Animal Shelter, 1869


We picked up a 48” & 62” Naturally Clear Tower at their local shop.  We took them home and my husband was impressed with the construction and how easy they were to assemble.   Our 8 cats sure are enjoying their new furniture, really use the All Natural Sisal Inserts.  We are satisfied and happy!   Julie R. in AR


Very happy, cats love it they are both more relaxed and confident, now.  It has the height Mr. Orange Tom wants and the Hidey Hole my fat non-climbing Siamese likes.  Mary N. in CO


My NEW Grand Champion Chartreux, GC Mabuhay Justin Time, enjoyed his NEW Purrfectrends beautifully finished Ozark Autumn Tower.  If we like it I plan to replace the other 8 old carpeted ones.  Carla B. in FL  . . . She did & ordered 8 more!


Hi Dan, I’ve had my PurrfecTrends Tower for 2 years.  My cats Herimone and Hagrid love it . . . (my daughter is a Harry Potter fan)  Thank you!  It is very well made and attractive.  Hagrid hides in the Beddy Box when he has misbehaved.  It looks as good as the day I received it & was very easy to put together!   Well worth the money!  Nancy R. in Brooklyn, NY


72” American Walnut, Fine product, our boys had a territory issue with the box, ordered a 2nd, all is well  – Tom W. in CO


Hi there – I’m very happy with the Tower : ) It took the kitties a few days to figure out how to maneuver up and down (haha) but they got it.  I found one of them asleep on it this morning.  I love the woodwork, it’s very pretty and was easy to assemble.   Thank you and Happy Holidays.      Holly H. in GA


My 72” American Walnut Tower arrived intact on Wednesday and took about 15 minutes to assemble.  If not for the Bedding Box, it could be mistaken for a fine book case . . . It’s one Contemporary piece of Cat Furniture and the compact size is ideal for my small apartment.  It fits in with my bedroom furniture perfectly.  Gypsy has already ventured up to the second  level and is exploring the Bedding Box daily.  I’m confident that in time she’ll love it as much as I already do . . . Thanks for the courtesy email . . . Good customer service.  One Satisfied Customer.      Valerie H. in NY, NY


My cats are very happy with the tower . . . the only problem we have is when they fight over who gets to use it.   Surprisingly the cat that usually has no interest in Towers . . .  likes this one.  Everything is fine.  Joye B. in VA


I just put it together and it was easy!  The Bedding Box is heavy but nice.  It’s really great quality and I love it.  The kittens are very interested but it has taken some time to figure out they can use the steps and not hop off the top.  Thanks, it is just what we wanted and needed.  Michelle G. in MI

After the arrival of our 72″ American Walnut Tower – The setup was very easy and also packed so well.   It is so much better that the old carpeted one and looks so much better.  Jennifer H. in VA

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