Emmie’s Beginning

Emmie is the daughter of Alley Cat, who belongs to our son. He and our grandson were at Walmart one Saturday and they heard her meowing under a stack of pallets. They couldn’t find anyone who claimed her, so they brought her home to their small farm to keep mice out of their garage. Emmie is going to be a fairly small cat, being the runt of her litter.

Emmie is a very curious cat (I know, most of them are) and wants to be right in the middle of everything I am doing. She’s there when I’m at the computer; when I fold clothes, when I make the bed, when I’m doing my makeup – whatever I’m doing, she’s right there.

The number one problem we have with her is that she wants to scratch on the furniture. As a kitten of about six months old, this is pretty normal. We could solve this problem if I could get one of our PurrfecTrends Handcrafted Cat Towers. But, as an owner, my order gets put aside when we get a new customer order. Having a no-carpet cat tower with sisal inserts will be purrfect to keep her claws occupied and away from the furniture.


As a temporary measure until we get our own luxury cat tower, we set up a step ladder in front of our patio door for her to climb on and look outside. She enjoys watching birds and squirrels, the occasional neighborhood cat, and stray dogs. From the top of the ladder, she jumps onto the top of the valance above the patio door and surveys her kingdom from there. So I know she will love, love, love the tower when we get it. I’ve ordered a designer 62 inch Ozark Autumn tower and it will be taller than the step ladder.

I have read many times that pets will help reduce one’s blood pressure. After 19 years without a cat, having Emmie for about 4 months has reduced mine back into the normal range. Emmie is always there to welcome me up each morning, meet me at the door when I come home from errands, and curl up in my lap for some petting and purring. She is fitting in well here, and we can’t wait to see her play on her new PurrfecTrends Handcrafted Cat Tower!

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