Happy Cats

My name is Tommy, and I’m a black cat from Millstadt, Illinois. I love lounging on anything that I can, but there is no designated play place for me in my home. My owners don’t like it much when I try to jump on the tables, but I have no place to call my own. So one day, my owner decided to find something for me to jump and scratch and lounge on. She called PurrfecTrends Handcrafted Cat Towers looking for an extra tall designer tower for me to see everything from the top. They just so happened to have a design that they hadn’t built yet, and I was so excited! They got right on it, but it was hard for me to wait. And when it arrived, I couldn’t believe how amazing it was! My owner put it together and I ran straight to the top. It was the best day ever! There were so many levels so I could survey my home from any height, and there was a comfy box at the bottom that I could hide orHappy Cats sleep in. And, the nice people at PurrfecTrends decided to make my luxury tower even better by creating one that has a second box in the middle, too. They sent that handcrafted tower to another cat family, but I’m sure they are enjoying it just as much. I loved my designer cat tower so much that I told my cat friend, Wheels, about it.

I’m Wheels, a brown tabby cat from Houston, Texas. As a clumsy cat, I am constantly falling and tripping over things. With my nine lives and the fact that I always land on my feet, I’ve done okay so far. But my owner didn’t want to buy a PurrfecTrends Handcrafted Cat Tower for me just to fall off of all the time, so she had a safety enclosure installed around the top level. When it arrived, it was beautiful! The people at PurrfecTrends had the rails on the top without blocking the view of my kingdom. My owner was able to put it together all by herself very easily, too. My brothers and I love our luxury cat tower, and now we can lounge all day without worrying about me falling.

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