New 86 inch Cat Towers

After our  sale of a Luxury, High End 86 inch Cat Tower with 6 Levels to Peggy C. in IL . . . we added it plus the 86” with Dual Beddy Boxes to our website.  As of 11-21-2016 sales of these new heights are now up to 9 & climbing!

These are truly High End Cat Towers in the category of Luxury Cat Furniture!

We traded one of our NEW Luxury 86” American Walnut Dual Box Towers to Hauspanther for 6 months of advertising on their site.   In a previous blog we mentioned they received a Premium Deluxe 62” American Walnut Tower a year ago and they have placed them side by side as a Contemporary Style room divider!









After they were all set up and in place, a Major National Cat Food Producer paid a visit and shot several minutes of video that included our Deluxe Towers which will show online ! ! !

Quote: “This is the Tallest piece of Cat Furniture that we have seen that is this stable!”   The 6” Exit and Entry Passageways in the Upper Beddy Box are Contemporary Design & Modern Luxury.

We will be placing these videos on our Facebook Page in December.

I want to repeat the NEW comments from every corner in the Cat World – It has been decided that Carpeted Cat Furniture spreads bacteria and germs where there are NEW Cats being added to shelters etc.!!

You can find articles about this subject in the Catster Magazine written by Kate Benjamin to encourage the use of Cat Furniture that IS NOT carpeted.

Our Natural Sisal Fiber is not carpet; it is in fact a plant that produces very strong and tough leaves that are harvested, dried and woven into wall and floor covering that is sustainable, environmentally friendly with excellent tearing resistance and will endure the heaviest traffic –

BULLETIN:  It is October, 2016, and we have just received an order from our 40th state: Maine!

A contact from Jen in CA was made awhile back after she had seen the 86 inch Cat Tower Naturally Clear Dual Box on our website.   She was thrilled to find it – they own a Cat Boarding Boutique in Toluca Lake, CA

cateau-1 cateau-2









Fresh Step is awarding a Contemporary Style 86 inch Cat Tower Naturally Clear Single Beddy Box Handcrafted in the USA for their National December Sweepstakes Drawing to be given in January 2017 that will be seen on our website!

PurrfecTrends Cat Tower featured in Sweepstakes

Received an email in Sept. of 2014 from Amy M. in MI, Purchasing Analyst for a Promotion Company, who was inquiring about featuring our 48” American Walnut PurrfecTrends™ Cat Tower in the Clorox® Fresh Step® online Sweepstakes Prize Program for October.

WOW . . . “absolutely you can,” I replied – the winner was Kim S. in St. Louis, MO – it was December when it was shipped and our understanding is . . . “She was completely surprised & happy at winning!

Our first customer, Laura C. in TX, had suggested we ought to advertise on Kate Benjamin’s online site – and so we have – with some terrific response and sales!

NOTE: December 27, 2014 – We shipped her a 62” American Walnut for her evaluation – received it . . . See her review – “I absolutely love it and so do the cats! Here are my thoughts . . . Love the design! Very sturdy, height is wonderful, clean lines, looks great! Very nice finish! Sisal inserts are excellent, overall a very nice cat tower. The Tower assembles quite nicely, it’s very well made. The cats are on it constantly. Photos coming! Please note my comments on the packaging! 1-21-15 . . . Kate B. in AZ


New Product Coming Soon & Mission Statement

PurrfecTrends is introducing a new product! Furniture Finished Wall Mounted “Stepper” Stairs! Left and right with a sisal “Sleeper” insert plus a decorative design “Styled Catrail.”

“Our Hand-Crafted Furniture Finishing Is An ART . . . The Value Is Never In Doubt.” C. Ray Stewart

Our Furniture Finish Products Are Direct To You . . . Not From A Big Box Store. We have shipped to 21 states and counting.

Mission Statement: After the idea was planted in the summer of 2012 we set our sights on a Cat Tower that would fit into any décor! We then spent six months surveying exhibitors and attendees while showing at Cat Shows in Arkansas, Texas and Missouri, and studied many articles and advertisements. We are confident our designs are The Most Stable Contemporary Furniture Finished Birch Cat Towers that have only a 20” footprint. Ours have the only Tower Legs that Provide Support and Security for Cats. They can lean on or brace themselves against them while lounging and taking Purrfect Naps On Any Level . . .

The Purrfectrends Cat Show That Wasn’t

Remembering the first Cat Show I wanted to attend, on 2-12-13, which shall be nameless – they already had a Cat Furniture company signed up to attend that was all remnant carpet covered scrap lumber. Even after they looked at our website and saw how different our Towers were I was turned down (free enterprise?) but was told to try again the next year . . . I don’t think so!
I was also informed that her cats as well as most cats would not like the Sisal Inserts . . . they want something soft to lay on . . . well that was over 2 years ago! In fact we have a lady that contacted us about replacing her 9 carpeted cat trees with ours but with one exception . . . without the Sisal Inserts . . . she is tired of cleaning cat hair! She has several sisal scratching posts for them to use.
We’ve observed cats that like the height of the Bedding Box, others evidently feel comfortable at mid levels while the climbers like the upper levels!!
The Bedding Box was two fold, it adds the most to the overall stability – plus we knew cats that would be hiding there and that was born from Vivian’s cat Sasha who would crawl in under the comforter on her bed to hide.
I’ve heard someone say “Kids Say The Darndest Things” – I say “Cats Do The Darndest Things” and they will view, lounge and nap anywhere they decide at the moment –

Joplin Missouri Cat Show

In Sept of 2014 I displayed our 48” Naturally Clear & an American Walnut Tower.   Had lots of compliments and a couple suggestions – one was to make the Bedding Box a litter box!    We really and carefully viewed and re-viewed but came to the decision we will leave the litter box furniture to the ones who are already in that phase of the market.

Did sell the two 48” towers on display and the owners – one in Pittsburg, KS and the other in Lamar, MO, both are happy!

OK, now here is the story.  The show was closing at 4PM on Sunday; at 3PM a nice lady (Debra U.), who is a professional business owner, approached the exhibit space and said, “The only reason I came was their advertising stated there would be Cat Furniture.” After circling the American Walnut, touching, feeling, she smiled and decided to buy a 72” which we would deliver when ready!

After she went home, a 3 story Victorian brick built 1907, where she has a few cats, she decided the 72” was too tall but two of the 48” would be a lot better.   They could be on different floors.   She has some pictures but when she tries to take pictures with the cats on them they hear her coming up the stairs and meet her so they can all sit around together.   She knows they use them because their hair is visible, “They just don’t want me to know how much they enjoy them!”