North Texas Cat Show

After looking at some TICA & CFA cat show dates I made my way to the North Texas Cat Show in Mesquite, TX in Feb of 2013 to show our NEW line of Cat Towers, great experience, my first, many compliments and a few constructive comments.

It was a real eye opener – I couldn’t have ever imagined, 224 cats in cages on top of tables all lined up in rows in a Hotel convention room. There were judges from all over the USA who were there to award the winners in different categories all during the 2 day competition! A few owners let their temper get away from them at times about how things were conducted. There were breeders present with kittens for sale. Some of the pedigreed cats had a $5,000 value, I witnessed a Highland Park MOM buying one, a kitten for her daughters 9th birthday present, at $1,250 . . .

Not a lot of attendees but it did bring our first sale. Laura C. and her husband had visited a retail pet store in North Dallas looking for new cat furniture but they didn’t see anything that caught their eye and were told you might see what is on display at the cat show in Mesquite and they did. See her page on our website – under What Our Customers Are Saying – – She has been most positive and supportive and may write some stories about her cats in the future for our BLOG.

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