Cat Furniture – Beginning, Growing & Continuing

Well . . . we’re beginning our 4th year with online sales of Purrfectrends
Cat Furniture.

After about six months I realized that retirement meant having to find a hobby or an interest in something to occupy the daylight hours, but the part time offerings required getting up and out too early on cold mornings.

Time moved on when a past employee invited me to see what he thought I might be interested in selling. I was certainly surprised as he opened his garage door . . . there were three outdoor cat houses. Shortly after the visit I declined. When I arrived home and was telling Vivian about what I had seen, we looked on line to satisfy her curiosity We were astounded by the amount and variety of indoor Cat Furniture!

A realization of how to occupy my time soon became an idea . . .

Knowing the experience of my nephew, Ray, with custom cabinet making, we approached him to see if he had an interest in our product idea and he did! We presented him with all the information we found on the internet, magazines, etc., and he took it from there. He considered heights, floor footprint, the Beddy Box, which added the needed weight for stability (we heard this over and over). replaceable All Natural Sisal inserts for scratching on all levels. Also the outside legs* which provided a place for the cats to lean against and gave some added security and safety while lounging and napping! The L-shaped levels let the cats move from one level to another with ease. And, last but not least, the furniture finishes really set us apart from the rest of the feline kingdom suppliers as our towers can blend with any decor.
Portland 1
Testimonials tell of the quality and professional craftmanship that will make Purrfectrends Cat Furniture last a very long time.

After spending 4 months on the drawing board, design, material selection, connector hardware, sizing, and finishes, by trial and error we produced our first, second and third and final 48″ unfinished prototype in November of 2012 . . .

We surveyed attendees and vendors at Cat Shows in multiple states and set our sights on a Cat Tower with an open design, funiture look and “one of a king” wood grain patterns. We are confident our towers are absolutely the most STABLE, yet have plenty of height for climbing, viewing, lounging and above all, taking “Purrfect Naps On Any Level” . . . like no other.

The Tower Legs* are why we call it a Tower instead of a Tree – Towers have exterior support and levels . . . Trees have a trunk and limbs. The bottom of the Beddy Box is covered in Melamine which allows for occasional Sanitizing.

Enjoy your purchase . . .


Cats Do The Darndest Things

We’ve observed cats that like the height of the Bedding Box, others evidently feel comfortable at mid levels while the climbers like the upper levels!!

The Bedding Box was two fold, it adds the most to the overall stability – plus we knew cats that would be hiding there. That was born from Vivian’s cat Sasha who would crawl in under the comforter on her bed to hide.

I’ve heard someone say “Kids Say The Darndest Things” – I say “Cats Do The Darndest Things” and they will view, lounge and nap anywhere they decide at the moment.

Well . . . as mentioned in another post about a lady, Carla B. in FL, contacting us about Cat Towers without any Sisal . . . she placed an order today for a 48” Ozark Autumn that doesn’t have any Sisal just finished wood. If the Tower is what she and her cats are happy with . . . she could be in the market for more !

PurrfecTrends Cat Tower featured in Sweepstakes

Received an email in Sept. of 2014 from Amy M. in MI, Purchasing Analyst for a Promotion Company, who was inquiring about featuring our 48” American Walnut PurrfecTrends™ Cat Tower in the Clorox® Fresh Step® online Sweepstakes Prize Program for October.

WOW . . . “absolutely you can,” I replied – the winner was Kim S. in St. Louis, MO – it was December when it was shipped and our understanding is . . . “She was completely surprised & happy at winning!

Our first customer, Laura C. in TX, had suggested we ought to advertise on Kate Benjamin’s online site – and so we have – with some terrific response and sales!

NOTE: December 27, 2014 – We shipped her a 62” American Walnut for her evaluation – received it . . . See her review – “I absolutely love it and so do the cats! Here are my thoughts . . . Love the design! Very sturdy, height is wonderful, clean lines, looks great! Very nice finish! Sisal inserts are excellent, overall a very nice cat tower. The Tower assembles quite nicely, it’s very well made. The cats are on it constantly. Photos coming! Please note my comments on the packaging! 1-21-15 . . . Kate B. in AZ


North Texas Cat Show

After looking at some TICA & CFA cat show dates I made my way to the North Texas Cat Show in Mesquite, TX in Feb of 2013 to show our NEW line of Cat Towers, great experience, my first, many compliments and a few constructive comments.

It was a real eye opener – I couldn’t have ever imagined, 224 cats in cages on top of tables all lined up in rows in a Hotel convention room. There were judges from all over the USA who were there to award the winners in different categories all during the 2 day competition! A few owners let their temper get away from them at times about how things were conducted. There were breeders present with kittens for sale. Some of the pedigreed cats had a $5,000 value, I witnessed a Highland Park MOM buying one, a kitten for her daughters 9th birthday present, at $1,250 . . .

Not a lot of attendees but it did bring our first sale. Laura C. and her husband had visited a retail pet store in North Dallas looking for new cat furniture but they didn’t see anything that caught their eye and were told you might see what is on display at the cat show in Mesquite and they did. See her page on our website – under What Our Customers Are Saying – – She has been most positive and supportive and may write some stories about her cats in the future for our BLOG.

Cats Territorial Issues & Purrfect Craftsmanship

Our customer Tom W. in CO bought a 72” American Walnut last year and emailed one day to say his boys are having territorial issues about the Bedding Box and could he buy another Bedding Box only. After it arrived he has since written to say . . . Many Thanks . . . “All is well”

A 72” PurrfecTrends Ozark Autumn Tower was delivered 1-8-15 to . . . Mary Q. in CA – Her email exclamation – “It’s Beautiful” – The kitties are still a wee bit suspect of it, but are starting to come around. As for pictures, once they are lounging, we’ll definitely send some. Which reminds me to charge my camera battery : ) Your craftsmanship is amazing. I seek out small businesses nowadays to buy as much as I can. I’m delighted to have found you (via Hauspanther). Have a wonderful day . . . Beth & Dean + 10 fat cats.

The Purrfectrends Cat Show That Wasn’t

Remembering the first Cat Show I wanted to attend, on 2-12-13, which shall be nameless – they already had a Cat Furniture company signed up to attend that was all remnant carpet covered scrap lumber. Even after they looked at our website and saw how different our Towers were I was turned down (free enterprise?) but was told to try again the next year . . . I don’t think so!
I was also informed that her cats as well as most cats would not like the Sisal Inserts . . . they want something soft to lay on . . . well that was over 2 years ago! In fact we have a lady that contacted us about replacing her 9 carpeted cat trees with ours but with one exception . . . without the Sisal Inserts . . . she is tired of cleaning cat hair! She has several sisal scratching posts for them to use.
We’ve observed cats that like the height of the Bedding Box, others evidently feel comfortable at mid levels while the climbers like the upper levels!!
The Bedding Box was two fold, it adds the most to the overall stability – plus we knew cats that would be hiding there and that was born from Vivian’s cat Sasha who would crawl in under the comforter on her bed to hide.
I’ve heard someone say “Kids Say The Darndest Things” – I say “Cats Do The Darndest Things” and they will view, lounge and nap anywhere they decide at the moment –

Bandit the Cat & First Cat Tower Prototype

Vivian’s (owner/wife) sister and her husband bought a new retirement home in Sept of 2014 along with a 48” American Walnut Tower for their CAT Bandit. A real top view window watcher – didn’t take to the Bedding Box right off – one day Biscuit the dachshund entered the Bedding Box. Well . . . after sizing up what had just taken place . . . Bandit made a MAJOR decision and quickly moved the dog out . . . permanently!!! “My name is BANDIT and no Canine is going to STEAL anything from me.”

We presented Rose M. in Arkansas, our graphics lady, with a prototype to test with her Kitty – she writes: In August 26, 2012 the very first prototype Cat Tower by PurrfecTrendis is still in use. My kitty doesn’t care if the engineering pencil marks decorate the side, or that it is unfinished. She loves to sit and look out the window. I have caught her napping too ♥! Admittedly, she likes it by the window and uses it all the time. If you have kitties, I would recommend the extension versions that can accommodate levels for everyone. A piece of furniture just for the “Kids!”

Funny, funny . . . Rose was recently ill and coughing a lot. I told her, “Wouldn’t it be something if you were allergic to cats?” And, because she loves her kitties so much she said, “If I were, I wouldn’t tell anyone!”

Joplin Missouri Cat Show

In Sept of 2014 I displayed our 48” Naturally Clear & an American Walnut Tower.   Had lots of compliments and a couple suggestions – one was to make the Bedding Box a litter box!    We really and carefully viewed and re-viewed but came to the decision we will leave the litter box furniture to the ones who are already in that phase of the market.

Did sell the two 48” towers on display and the owners – one in Pittsburg, KS and the other in Lamar, MO, both are happy!

OK, now here is the story.  The show was closing at 4PM on Sunday; at 3PM a nice lady (Debra U.), who is a professional business owner, approached the exhibit space and said, “The only reason I came was their advertising stated there would be Cat Furniture.” After circling the American Walnut, touching, feeling, she smiled and decided to buy a 72” which we would deliver when ready!

After she went home, a 3 story Victorian brick built 1907, where she has a few cats, she decided the 72” was too tall but two of the 48” would be a lot better.   They could be on different floors.   She has some pictures but when she tries to take pictures with the cats on them they hear her coming up the stairs and meet her so they can all sit around together.   She knows they use them because their hair is visible, “They just don’t want me to know how much they enjoy them!”